Internet equals


Get ready for a new choice in Internet
that offers the speed, simplicity, and reliability
you need to accomplish what’s important.

Internet equals


Get ready for a new choice in Internet
that offers the speed, simplicity, and reliability
you need to accomplish what’s important.

We’re hiring.

Join our growing team and help us reshape the Internet industry, while making a real impact in the communities we serve.

Our mission.

We believe that everyone deserves access to the best Internet service available, no matter where they call home. That’s why we’re building our smart, fiber optics–based network in cities and towns just like yours.

Brightspeed is committed to delivering a customer experience that makes staying connected simple and easy.

Our team.

Meet the leaders who are reshaping the Internet industry for the better.

Bob Mudge
Chief Executive Officer

Chris Creager
Chief Administration Officer

Tom Maguire
Chief Operating Officer

Christie Grumbos
Chief Financial Officer

Colon McLean
Chief Human Resources Officer

Steve Tugentman
Chief Legal Officer

Ashok Kumar
Chief Technology Officer

Courtland Madock
Chief Marketing Officer

Jeff Lowney
EVP and Chief Commercial Officer, Enterprise and Wholesale

“We know the tremendous benefits fiber-optic technology can bring to customers, employees, and their communities, and I’m energized by the transformational opportunity that lies ahead.” Bob Mudge

Better Internet starts here.

We’ll be serving a wide range of neighborhoods across a number of states.

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Learn more about Brightspeed with the help of these questions and answers.

Our company exists because we believe that all people and businesses should have access to the connectivity they need to accomplish what is most important to them. Our goal, over the next several years, is to build a next-gen fiber optics–based network to power Internet access for the communities we will be privileged to serve.

Brightspeed was formed by the agreement reached in August 2021 between Connect Holding LLC and Lumen Technologies, Inc. for Apollo Global Management, Inc. to acquire certain telecom assets and operations from Lumen. Our network will serve more than 6 million homes and businesses in 20 states, primarily in the Midwest and Southeast portions of the U.S.

What truly excites us is the chance to bring the best technology to communities, particularly in rural and suburban America, who have not always had the choices in Internet providers that they need and deserve.

We hope you will come to know us as the kind of people who wake up every morning thinking about better ways to provide the best, most reliable service to consumers and businesses, big and small. We’re committed to building a smart network for customers who want consistently fast Internet, at a great value, delivered through a customer experience that makes staying connected simple and easy.

We understand that Internet access powers life. We’re about keeping you connected, so you can work, learn, play, and accomplish what matters most.

As more and more of our country’s commerce, workforce norms, education systems, health care platforms, and entertainment choices gravitate online, the need for faster, more reliable Internet access is imperative.

Technology is the key to our digital future, and we believe all current and prospective customers should have access to the best Internet service possible, whether they are connected to our legacy copper network or our new fiber platform. We are fierce advocates for more accessible, inclusive, and high-quality Internet, and believe that doing so promotes equity in the communities we serve.

We are taking a bold view of this opportunity and are confident in our ability to deliver. We plan to build fiber to up to 3 million locations over the next 5 years.

Fiber-optic technology set a new standard for broadband services in America, and has been deployed in markets across the country for the past 15 years or so. Brightspeed’s smart network will be built using the latest version of that standard. Fiber optics’ secret sauce, unmatched by competing technologies, has always been the capability to deliver upstream speeds (speeds when sending information from the home or business, like during a video conference) as fast as downstream speeds (speeds coming to the home or business). It’s interactive and two-way fast, just like life!

We’re more than just a technology company. We want people and businesses to experience simplicity, reliability, and choice when they do business with Brightspeed, and to trust us to successfully handle their most important connections.

We expect to be open for business in the second half of 2022. We know that the time will pass by at light speed. So check out our map to see the states where we will be offering services.

In the meantime, let’s keep in touch. Just provide your email address, and we will keep you posted on all the latest news and updates.

We believe the opportunities ahead of us will change and improve the lives of our employees and our customers. The investment and transformation we are planning are bold, so we are seeking bold thinkers, innovators, doers, and collaborative leaders to help us shape this journey.

To see what spots are currently available, please visit our careers site:

We are thrilled to call Charlotte, North Carolina, our hometown, and are excited to join the Queen City’s vibrant community.