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The (r)Evolution of B2B Marketing
Serious and revolutionary marketing services for companies who use data to drive their business.

How can BrightSpeed help?
We offer a wide variety of marketing, hygiene and intelligence services designed to increase the value of your data and marketing dollars.
Data Enhancement and List Append
BrightSpeed can append new touchpoints, as well as firmographics and demographics, giving you the ability to better understand, segment and reach your client base.

  • Company names
  • Company firmographics
  • Contact names
  • Contact demographics
  • Email addresses
  • Postal addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Mobile numbers
Email Campaign Deployment and Reporting
Powered by Zeta Mail, BrightCampaign is a flexible and secure technology infrastructure allowing B2B marketers to fully manage email campaigns, all within one interface.

  • Email campaign fulfillment to your prospects and customers
  • SMS campaign fulfillment to your existing customers
  • Engagement cycle management
  • Real-time reporting
  • High deliverability
With its advanced reporting capabilities, BrightCampaign gives marketers the ability to report on multi-channel campaigns and consolidate multiple views easily and cost-effectively.

Cloning of Best Customers
We will analyze your customer files to identify common characteristics your best business customers, such as business firmographics, contact demographics and channel responsiveness.

Then we use those shared traits to search our entire database and find the best similar prospects; thus resulting in more effective marketing campaigns.

List Hygiene and Verification
Improve your ability to identify and contact your target audience. The following database processes enable you to perform data standardization and hygiene on your name and address data:

  • NCOA
  • CASS
  • DSF2
  • Real-time or batch email verification
  • Do-not-email suppression
  • Duplicate elimination & file consolidation

Leveraging our Vast Data to Provide Customers with Flexibility and Bundled Pricing

Because we leverage our expansive business data resources, we can offer any combination of these services under one umbrella; thus forming a highly competitive solution with bundled pricing.

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